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Added: 2019-09-11

Cast: Topanga, Emily DaVinci, Elizabeth Terlato, Sunshine, Gia, Nichola Holt,

Category: Kick Ass Chicks Anal Lesbian Blonde

Tomboys Kick Ass Chicks 47

For many of us, our first crush was a tomboy at school who preferred baseball to dolls. Ever since then, those tomboyish qualities have been a turn-on. The short hair. The sassy attitude. The athletic body. Who wants a frail girl who worries about her weight and talks about nothing but make-up and shoes? Give us a horny tomboy who will fuck the shit out of you and then stretch out on the couch to watch a football game with you. Who wants a girl in a frilly dress when you can have a girl who looks hot in tight jeans?!