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Duration: 02:15:14

Added: 2019-06-12

Cast: Gen Padova, Aidan Layne, Isabel Ice, Bianca,

Category: Interracial Inseminated By 2 Black Guys Hardcore Blonde

Inseminated By 2 Black Men 2

Straight outta condoms! 
Take four lily-white girls hungry for cash and mad as hell at their daddy. Throw in eight menacing black guys fresh from the joint, angry as shit at "the man" and horny as muthafuckas! Pair them off 2 on 1 like they're playing hoops and keep the cameras rolling. What do you get? You got a prime example of what Malcolm X might have called "progressive race relations." Who cares if these dumb dudes think you need a pencil to take a paternity test? They ain't gonna be around long enough to worry about that sheee-it!